Sidney Rider: Rhode Island’s 19th Century Pundit

Sidney Rider (1833-January 31, 1917) By: Michelle Valletta, May 31, 2015  Legislature has produced more misery, both in England and the United States, than all the other causes of misery combined. Sidney Rider Sidney Rider lived a full public life as an engaged citizen, merchant, critic, historian, writer, collector, reformer, … Continue reading

Natalie Curtis Burlin – Amateur Ethnomusicologist, Anthropologist, and Folklorist

Natalie Curtis Burlin By: Michelle Valletta, May 31, 2015 Born: April 26, 1876, New York City, NY – Death: Oct. 23, 1921, Paris, France – Interned: North Burial Ground, Providence, RI. In the early twentieth century, Natalie Curtis embarked on a pioneering quest to reveal the roots of ‘true’ American … Continue reading